What we are doing during the Coronavirus crisis:

–we are abiding by guidelines set by the federal and state government.

–we are adhering to directives from the Diocese of Providence.

–I am celebrating a private Mass every day and praying the Liturgy of the Hours. (I am celebrating the Mass with the specific intention designated for the Mass but also praying for all parishioners of St. Catherine and St. Francis).

–we are publishing our bulletin and putting information on the parish websites and Facebook page.

–we are monitoring our financial situation carefully. Please consider mailing in your weekly offertory donation or register for ‘on-line giving’—information can be found for this option on the St Catherine’s website http://stcatherineswarwick.org/e-giving/.

–we will continue to update you through the website as best as we possibly can. For example, there will be some information forthcoming about Holy Week and how we will celebrate the Paschal Triduum (without a public liturgy) —this is new for all of us.  

–we are in ‘new territory’—-through it all we will attend to the spiritual and temporal needs of the parish (St. Francis and St. Catherine) as much as we able.

–please pray daily for all those affected by the virus and for all working to bring about a medical solution to this pandemic.

–stay hopeful.  As we experience a big change in our daily routines we are becoming aware of what really matters in life. We have a lot more time to reflect and think. We may even realize that some of the electronic media we have come to rely on, while a wonderful thing, is not meeting some of our needs. Certainly we will realize what a loss it is not to be able to be with our fellow parishioners and celebrate the Holy Eucharist with them. Maybe we’ll all come to appreciate them more.

–Fr. Plante