Jesus promised that he would always remain with his people. He has kept his word by teaching, healing, feeding, strengthening and blessing his people through the Church in the sacraments. The sacraments are defined as outward signs of inward grace, instituted by Christ to help individuals in their spiritual life and to grow in holiness. Sacraments are mysteries; they are signs of the sacred presence of our God in our midst today. They are more than mere signs, however, sacraments do something, they give grace.   The sacraments help to make people holy and build-up the body of Christ.  They are a way to relate to God throughout life’s transitions and help us to give praise and worship to God.  They help us nourish, strengthen and express our faith.  Through the sacraments, Jesus remains with His people, strengthening, healing, feeding, and forgiving them as they face life’s challenges.  For instance, Baptism is more than just a sign of union with Jesus; our sins are actually washed away and we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Church celebrates seven sacraments which were instituted by Christ during his earthly ministry and which continue to define the liturgical life of the Church today.  The Sacraments nourish, strengthen and express faith.

Sacraments of Christian Initiation

Sacraments of Healing

Sacraments of Vocation/Commitment