Sacrament MarriageThey are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:6-9

Marriage in the Church celebrates that a spouse is a gift from God.  It recognizes that the faith community of the parish (and even the entire Church) is there to support and pray for a couple as they enter into the Sacrament of Matrimony and throughout their married life together.  Marriage in the Church gives the couple God’s grace, the presence of His strength of love within themselves and through their love so they in turn can love, serve and care for others, especially their children.  This love, service and care of God expressed through the couple makes a difference in our world.

wedding at st catherine

The Sacrament of Matrimony is a Sacrament at the Service of Community, along with the Sacrament of Holy Orders.   Catholics believe that marriage, like Holy Orders, is a vocation — a calling from God. Men and women who are called to marriage enter into a sacred covenant with God and each other. Catholic marriage is intended to exemplify the love Christ has for the Church. Because Christ is present in the Sacrament, Christ is present to husbands and wives as they are instruments of holiness for each other and the community of faith.

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